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Industry Dynamic
SCAA in Seattle Apr.8-13
Date: 2018-11-20

In the book Research on the Manufacturing Power Strategy published by China Academy of Engineering, there are an evaluation index system for powerful manufacturing countries. Among the main industry countries around the world, America ranks in the top list, following by the second powerful industry countries Germany and Japan, while China, UK, France and Korea should be classified as the third powerful ones.

There are three big problems occurring in China’s Manufacturing Industry—low innovation ability, unadvanced core technology, and low utilization rate. “Intelligentization, greenization, servitization should be the three goals for China’s Manufacturing Industry when transformation and upgrading.” said Mr. Zhu Gaofeng, former Vice-President of China Academy of Engineering.

The overall plan will be implemented in three phases. In the first ten-year phase since 2015, attention and emphasis will be put on turning China into a power manufacturing country. In the second ten-year phase, China should rank in the middle level of powerful manufacturing country while in the third phase, China will take the leading position when celebrating the Centennial Anniversary of China’s Foundation.

An expert from Ministry of Industry and Information has pointed out that the plan will be implemented in a pattern of “1+10” (1 means top-level design, and 10 means the key industries). In spite of transformation, industrialization and informationalization were also been emphasized. The plan also mentioned 9 missions, 10 key fields and 5 major projects Expert from the SADIE Think-tank in Ministry of Industry and Information, Ms An Lin considered the plan as a guide of action for the transformation and upgrading of domestic manufacturing industry in ten years.

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